The act of publicly proclaiming or publishing; a formal declaration; an avowal; a public announcement giving notice of a governmental act that has been done or is to be done. The act of causing some governmental matters to be published or made generally known. A written or printed document in which are contained such matters, issued by proper authority, usually by a high governmental executive (President, Governor, Mayor).
The declaration made by the bailiff, by authority of the court, that something is about to be done.
In equity practice, proclamation made by a sheriff upon a writ of attachment, summoning a defendant who has failed to appear personally to appear and answer the plaintiffs bill
@ proclamation by lord of manor
In old English law, proclamation made by the lord of a manor (thrice repeated) requiring the heir or devisee of a deceased copyholder to present himself, pay the fine, and be admitted to the estate; failing which appearance, the lord might seize the lands quousque (provisionally)
@ proclamation of a fine
In old English law, the notice or proclamation at common law which was made after the engrossment of a fine of lands, and which consisted in its being openly read in court sixteen times, viz., four times in the term in which it was made, and four times in each of the three succeeding terms, which, however, was afterwards reduced to one reading in each term
@ proclamation of exigents
/proklameyshan av egzajants/ In old English law, when an exigent was awarded, a writ of proclamation issued, at the same time, commanding the sheriff of the county wherein the defendant dwelt to make three proclamations thereof in places the most notorious, and most likely to come to his knowledge, a month before the outlawry should take place
@ proclamation of rebellion
In old English law, a proclamation to be made by the sheriff commanding the attendance of a person who had neglected to obey a subpoena or attachment in chancery. If he did not surrender himself after this proclamation, a commission of rebellion issued
@ proclamation of recusants
/proklameyshan av rekyazants/°rakyuwzants/
A proclamation whereby recusants were formerly convicted, on non-appearance at the assizes

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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